Maamma ..Makka Kai Nakka ( Uncle..Iam full )
Gavanka rajeri gellele thedna..
(When we had been to our village for holidays)
Ammi mamma gharkkede gelli..
(We visited our uncle’s home)
Ammi gharkede aileri thanka maamu..
(As we approached his home, he’s overjoyed and says)
” Yo..yo..yo.Baisey..baisey, hanga baisey”
(Come..come..come..sit down.. sit down..there please)
Amvnga hattha dhornu thei kurcheri boskaraitha
(He holds our hands and make us sit comfortable on chairs)
“Mamma ..makka kai nakka ”
(Uncle..Iam full..I don’t need anything at this moment.)
“Ammi aththa theen gharkede khavnu aile”
(We just had stomach full from three homes)
“Makka pottan kai jago naa”
(I really have no room in my stomach)
“Kaapi pithve..thukka cola jai jalleri theinchi dittha”
(Have Coffee..or if you would like a cola, I can give you that)
“Mamma ..makka kai nakka ”
(Uncle..Iam full..I don’t need anything at this moment.)
Mamma, makka havvcha hadche monu
(To bring some thing to eat for us)
Tho vasserey vocchunu thaggel bailele vodu yeththa.
(He walks into the kitchen and brings his wife along)
Haathathu havcha dhornu tho sangtha
(He has something to eat in his hands too)
“He halwa kozhikodechi..try kari”
(This halwa is fom Kozhikode..please try this)
Yehn sambhasanam avasanam karyay monu,
(To end this conversation…)
Aavu haathu mukari kartha
(I just stretch put both my hands up)
Tho maamu thedna saangtha
(Then our uncle says..)
“Tho halwa nakka thukka, amgelo
Payasam khaavnu gelliliya puro!”
(If you don’t like halwa, you can have
our payasam and then leave)
Samayam poora javnu vaththa
(Time goes by..)
Pot bhornu ani kai jago na..voccha samayu jalli
(There’s hardly any space left in stomach..It’s time to go)
Uttaanu “mamma..thuggel bhakshanam adipolli jalli
(We get up ..”Uncle your food was fantastic”)
Aneka..melya”…..Maamu sangtha
(See you again..Then uncle says)
“Avsoru kassalek kartha thoon? Amvcha kassanai
(Why are you hurrying??..After all, what)
Ullochaka jaiani? Anek pati yevka..”
(conversation did we have.? Alright then..let’s meet again)
Santhosham jalley makka..”Melya !!”
(I was very happy..”See you”)
Thei mammale sathkaaru udugaasu ghevnu
(Having such sweet memories of our uncle)
Aavhun America vapas yeili.
(I flew back to the U.S)
Sakkani kaapi..dhonpura seethe
(Morning’s coffee..Afternoon’s lunch)
Sanje kaapi..bandobust kella maamu..
(Evening’s coffee..these were all arranged by our uncle)
maamu..aavhun kartha thukka salaamu…
(Uncle !!!…hats off to you for the hospitality shown …)

- Shaji Lekshmanan

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